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Washer disinfectors

Washer disinfectors equipped with automatic vertically sliding or hinged glass door(s). Chamber volume ranging from 175 liters to 450 liters (from 6 DIN baskets to 18 DIN baskets).
Reduced overall dimensions for solving installation space problems, excellent washing and disinfection performances, AT-OS washer disinfectors are optionally available also with the special "Speed Cycle" to shorten cycle time.
Double touch-screen colour graphic display provides an easy and user-friendly control of the working programs and cycle parameters.
Automatic washing cart recognition system.
Availability of up to 5 levels washing carts, anaesthesia washing cart, Mini Invasive Surgery washing cart, washing cart for sterilization containers, etc....
Possibility of having the hybrid heating system: heating by using steam or electrical power supply.
All the AT-OS washer disinfectors are fully compliant with EN-ISO 15883 and are CE certified medical devices according to the 93/42/EEC and related revised versions.


AT-OS is an Italian company, with more than 40 years experience, specialized in designing and manufacturing of: washing and disinfecting machines for medical devices, stainless steel technical furniture for operating theatres and CSSD (Central Sterile Supply Department).