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Table-top autoclaves Featured

Table-top sterilizers for dental or medical use.
Chamber volume ranging from 7 litres up to 23 litres.
Sterilization cycle control by means of 7 probes. They are equipped with built-in steam generator and water saving system. Low power consumption.
Sterilization cycles data can be printed on paper or stored in a SD memory card for traceability purposes.
Availability of "night cycle" for automatic starting of cycle at scheduled time. Automatic anti-condensation system at the end of each cycle.
REVERBERI sterilizers have 2 years or 2.000 cycles official warranty.
REVERBERI sterilizers are designed and produced according to the EEC Directive 93/42 and i.r.v., EEC Directive 97/23 and in compliance with the EN 13060, EN 62304, EN 61010-1, EN 61010-2-040, EN 285, EN 17665 standards


REVERBERI, established in 1973, is a leading Italian company in the field of table-top sterilizing autoclaves design and production.

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