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About us

about.pngThe latest and most advanced technology combined with the highest quality products is more and more important in the healthcare field. However these factors can lead you to a winning and successful choice only if they come together with a professional, reliable and reactive technical support and customer service.

That’s why we have decided to create VODAMEDIKAL Ltd., a newly established company that will be at your side when you will need to buy new medical equipment, either replace or repair the existing ones.

Thanks to its highly qualified and well trained engineers and product managers, VODAMEDIKAL Ltd. aims at helping you to achieve your most demanding targets in terms of medical devices productivity, performances, durability, sharing with you all its specific experience and know-how in the medical equipment field. All this can be offered to you at very competitive prices having our Company finalized exclusive and customized business partnerships directly with all the original manufacturers of the products we promote and deal with.

VODAMEDIKAL Ltd. supplies worldwide different product ranges, from CSSD equipment (steam sterilizers, table-top autoclaves, plasma/low-temperature sterilizers, washer disinfectors, cart washer-disinfectors, ultrasound cleaners, rotary heat sealers, stainless steel furniture) to operating rooms equipment (operating tables, surgical lights, turnkey operating theatres) up to single use medical devices (biopsy needles, catheters, special medical devices for vertebroplasty, kyphoplasty and discectomy, ureteral stents, female incontinence slings, ovum pick-up needles for in-vitro fertilization, ostomy care disposables and more…).

Last but not least, our Company experienced technical department can provide you with consulting, engineering services and customized solutions for your turnkey CSSD projects.

VODAMEDIKAL Ltd. professional and friendly staff is looking forward to turning your ideas into efficient and long-lasting realities.

VODAMEDIKAL Ltd., always one step beyond.